The Traveler

The Traveler

The Watcher of Chaos and Charm

Unaligned God
Gender: Male
Sphere: Change, Cunning, Innovation, Deception, Exploration
Domain: Change, Exploration, Trickery
Aspect: Mercury Dragon

The great trickster, The Traveler is a deity of cunning, deception, and change. The Traveler is a consummate shapechanger and master of disguises, and thus the being’s true nature is unknown—texts variously refer to the Traveler as “it” rather than “he” or “she.” Many doppelgangers, shifters, lycanthropes, thieves, and rogues revere the Traveler, as do a few artificers who focus on the deity’s innovation and cleverness.

Ostensibly a member of The Brethren, the Traveler seems to have no connection, familial or otherwise, to its fellows. Even to its fellow gods, they are oblivious to the Traveler’s actions and possess no power of restraint over it.


It’s been told that worshipers hear a ring of a single jingle bell in the wind after a prayer has been made. Also of note, no one else around these witnesses could hear that chime.

The Traveler is sometimes called the Giver of Gifts, but proverbs warn that one must be wary of its gifts. There’s been reports from worshipers of found traces of The Traveler’s existence. Such finds include either a fallen golden jingle bell or a golden chess piece near the place of worship. Gifts such as these were recorded to have temporary magical properties. That the Traveler himself answers these prayers, allowing his subjects to use his magic for a brief moment.

The Traveler’s commandments must often be inferred, for its holy texts are few. Its tenets are:

* The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

* Nothing is permanent. Ensure that change improves your lot and damages your enemies.

* The best weapons are cunning plans and intricate deceptions. Mortal minds are predictable and easily manipulated.

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The Traveler

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