Cass'skek the Impaler

Leader of the lizardfolk of the Gan'reth Tribe.


Cass’skek the Impaler was hailed as the mightiest champion of the Gan’reth Tribe. He was renowned for having slain many dragons that would try to enslave his tribe.

After having become the Tribe Leader, he had to retire his reign as their mightiest champion. And so he laid his prized weapon to rest: the Spear of Urrok the Brave. Even though Cass’skek the Impaler proven himself to be a worthy Tribe Leader, he would often long for the thrill of the hunt, which his men do in his place. And so over the years, Cass’skek the Impaler’s body started to show with age the affects of being a Tribe Leader: gaining much weight and growing massive in size. He has become quite lazy due to his obesity and is often fond of sitting in his mobile throne.

Cass'skek the Impaler

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